Folded Paper Towels: C-Fold vs. Multifold

What’s the difference between a C-Fold and Multifold paper hand towels? That’s a question you probably don’t hear very often. In fact, plenty of us may have not even been aware that there was such a thing as C-Fold or Multifold paper hand towels. This is because when shopping for paper towels, identifying the softest or […]

Thermal Paper: The Handy Receipt Paper

Receipts are either a blessing or a curse. On one hand, they can be kept in wallets or hung on refrigerators to track spending for budgeting purposes. On the other hand, receipts can also be a dreadful reminder of the not-so-budget-friendly lunch we might have had last weekend. Either way, the type of paper your […]

Liquid Hand Wash Scent Guide

Finding the perfect liquid hand wash is tough work. With so many brands, colors, formulations and packaging variations to choose from it’s hard to determine which is the right one to add to your shopping cart. Here at Dixie, we want to make sure your handwashing experience is a joyous one. Yes, washing your hands […]

Fighting Through Flu Season: Flu Remedies and Products

It’s no secret that flu season is a frightening time. Suddenly, the thought of being around others is anxiety-inducing. Seeing a random stranger across the aisle from you in a grocery store do something as innocent as rub their nose, cough or sneeze can send you into a state of panic. Having to shake hands, […]

Liquid Dish Detergent: The Magnificent Kitchen Superhero

Liquid dish detergent is the knight in shining armor equipped to save us from the task nobody likes to talk about, think about or do. Dishwashing. It’s a four-letter word in any kitchen because it requires standing in one spot, on our feet, scrubbing tirelessly away at chunky residue. A good scrub brush can make […]

Commercial Bath Tissue Dispenser Shopping Guide

Choosing the right type of commercial bath tissue dispenser for your business’ or household’s restroom can be a challenge, and why wouldn’t it be? With so many different models out in the market and a lack of resources to pull information from, it’s difficult to find the right match. There are certain questions you should […]

Trash Liners: Low or High Density Bags

Trash liners are often the red-headed step child of any room you choose to place them in. They play a critical role in keeping your surroundings looking fresh and clean. How? By removing all of your bulky trash away from public viewing. Trash liners are practically every homeowners secret weapon, yet, such little thought goes […]

Chewing Gum: One-Step Removal Guide

What would we do without chewing gum? It’s the perfect little snack to have in-between meals or to pop in your mouth for a quick refresher before speaking to another individual who might not appreciate the lingering odor of your extra-garlicky pasta from lunch. Gum is also, for many, a reminder of their childhood. Unwrapping […]

6 Ways Perforated Bubble Wrap Is The Cure For Everything

Enjoying the many wonders of bubble wrap has become a lost art. Much like letter writing, calligraphy or memorizing phone numbers, the cushy, plastic packaging material has become overlooked in this technologically advanced world we live in today. What used to be the best part about receiving an oversized package in the mail has evolved […]