Bulk Wholesale Shopping: Is It Worth the Buzz, and Should You Try It?

Bulk wholesale shopping is a trend that has been on the rise for the past decade, motivating consumers to stock up on large quantities of their must-have items.

Buying in bulk has also morphed itself into a type of exciting lifestyle that reaps many benefits for those who don’t mind having to rearrange pantries or storage closets to make space for all of those oversized boxes, or for consumers who are fine with carrying heavier loads of groceries to their vehicles. Even so, the benefits to shopping in higher quantities far outweigh the downsides.

The Benefits to Bulk Wholesale Shopping

Less Packaging/More Environmentally Friendly

Bulk wholesale shopping isn’t just good for your wallet, it’s good for the planet as well.

Take concentrated cleaners, for example. Instead of purchasing 10 bottles of Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner, why not save on a concentrated surface cleaner that does the same job by just adding water? This reduces the number of bottles needed to be packaged, saves space within your facility or household, and gives you control over the strength of your cleaner. Strength is controlled by allowing the user to decide how strong or weak they want the formulation. Try using Diversey Alpha-HP Multi-Surface Cleaner to create a sparkling clean on all your surfaces.

Bulk Wholesale Shopping: Image of Diversey Alpha-HP Multi-Surface Cleaner - 2.5 Liter, Case

Time Saver

When you buy in bulk, you’re decreasing the number of items on your next grocery list. How? Bulk items last longer. This reduces the number of trips taken to the grocery store, granting you more time to enjoy other important things — such as finishing up that project in the shed or watching that new show on Netflix.


Encourages Sharing

Who could have guessed bulk shopping could also bring friends together? Well, it certainly can. Try splitting a case of toilet paper or paper towels among your pals; if the payment is shared, this not only saves everyone money, but can create a new fun activity for you and your friends.



One of the biggest advantages of bulk shopping is saving money. Who doesn’t love saving money? The unofficial slogan for bulk shopping should be “pay less when you buy more” because it couldn’t ring truer. When properly planned, buying in bulk can save an average family up to 50% on their monthly grocery budget. That’s pretty impressive.


Improves Organization

If you’re going to make a habit of bulk shopping (which hopefully you do after reading this article) you’ll need to sit down and really think about the items your household or business needs for the next month or quarter. Bulk shopping is only beneficial if you’re buying the items you’ll actually use; otherwise, there will just be large volumes of canned vegetables taking up space in your pantry for years to come. Tips for mastering organization? Track your product usage, identify necessary items, and plan usage around those items.


Extends Product Usage

Shopping in bulk grants you more product for your buck. How? Because there is less packaging, in the end you can save money and have a product that lasts longer.


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