Commercial Bath Tissue Dispenser Shopping Guide

Choosing the right type of commercial bath tissue dispenser for your business’s restroom can be a challenge, and why wouldn’t it be? With so many different models out in the market and a lack of resources to pull information from, it’s difficult to find the right match. There are certain questions you should ask yourself before adding a particular commercial bath tissue dispenser to your shopping cart that can make the process easier, such as how often the restroom will be used, how often it will be maintained, and how much space is available for the bath tissue dispenser. Space is important to keep in mind because bath tissue dispensers come in sizes to fit standard or jumbo rolls, and beyond size, there are plenty of options and accessories to fit virtually any need.

Standard vs. Jumbo Roll Commercial Toilet Paper Dispensers

Every commercial bath tissue dispenser has a specific “roll size” that it was designed to fit. Think Cinderella and her glass slipper. This size is equal to the diameter of the roll itself (including paper and core), which in the end determines whether the roll is classified as “standard” or “jumbo.” Remember most dispensers are not adjustable, so once you’ve settled on a particular style that fits a particular size of roll, you must always shop for that designated roll size for that model.

Standard Bath Tissue Dispensers Commercial Bath Tissue. Image of COMPACT VERTICAL DOUBLE ROLL CORELESS BATH TISSUE DISPENSER, SMOKE
  • Accommodates standard-sized bath tissue rolls
  • Designed with a lower capacity than jumbo roll dispensers
  • Best suited for low-traffic environments, or areas where space is of concern
  • Great for use in hotel rooms, small establishments, or office restrooms
Jumbo Bath Tissue Dispensers Commercial Bath Tissue. Image of JUMBO JR. TWO-ROLL BATH TISSUE DISPENSER, SMOKE .
  • Accommodates jumbo-sized bath tissue rolls
  • Designed with a higher capacity than standard roll dispensers
  • Best suited for high-traffic environments


Commercial Bath Tissue Dispenser Capacity

An important tip to keep in mind before adding items to your shopping cart is that the number of rolls a dispenser holds directly impacts the amount of maintenance the dispenser will require. Commercial bath tissue dispensers are sold in single-roll, double-roll, or quad-roll capacities. Wanting something low maintenance? Stick to a bath tissue dispenser with more rolls. Needing to preserve space? Choose a bath tissue dispenser that holds fewer rolls.

Dixie offers one- to four-roll-capacity toilet paper dispensers.


Open vs. Enclosed Bath Tissue Dispensers

Open Toilet Paper Dispensers Commercial Bath Tissue Dispenser. Image of LOCKING TOILET TISSUE DISPENSER, CHROME.
  • Can be more prone to bacteria
  • Usually less expensive than enclosed dispensers
  • Perfect for establishments needing an affordable option
  • Quick, easy maintenance
Enclosed Bath Tissue Dispensers Commercial Bath Tissue Dispenser. Image of CORELESS JRT TWIN JUMBO ROLL BATH TISSUE DISPENSER, WHITE.
  • Usually more expensive than open dispensers
  • Offers sanitation and is easier to clean
  • Holds more paper than its open counterpart
  • Available with translucent covers for easy viewing of remaining paper levels
  • Available with cut-out viewing slots for monitoring paper levels


Commercial Bath Tissue Dispenser Materials

Shop Dixie for plastic and metal bath tissue dispensers. Plastic bath tissue dispensers are perfect for your business or household because they are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Come in a variety of colors to complement different settings
  • Resist scratching for a professional look
  • Often made of durable polypropylene or ABS plastic material
  • Designed with translucent surfaces so your staff can quickly see when it’s time to refill

Metal bath tissue dispensers are a stylish alternative that are:

  • Durably built
  • Designed to suit most environments
  • Easy to polish and maintain with the right chemicals/cloths

Locking/Vandal-Resistant Commercial Bath Tissue Dispensers

Prevent potential misuse, vandalism, or theft with locking/vandal-resistant commercial bath tissue dispensers. Locking/vandal-resistant dispensers require a lock and key to open and close. They can also feature concealed brake or tension springs to provide controlled delivery of toilet paper. Locking bath tissue holders are great for high-traffic areas such as public restrooms, rest stops, and gas stations.

How to Open a Locking/Vandal-Resistant Bath Tissue Dispenser

Opening and closing a locking/vandal-resistant bath tissue dispenser is fairly easy. Follow the steps below to try it out for yourself:

  1. Unlock dispenser with designated key
  2. Remove stub roll/core
  3. Place new roll in dispenser
  4. Close dispenser
  5. Return key to storage hook

Feminine Hygiene Dispensers and Receptacles

Feminine hygiene dispensers and receptacles are necessary in every women’s restroom to ensure each customer is granted a comfortable experience. Read below to determine which style of receptacle is perfect for your facility.

Where will the feminine product dispenser be installed?

Feminine product dispensers come in recessed, semi-recessed, and wall-mount options. The first step in deciding which dispenser is right for you is to determine how much space you have. Is there room for a unit to be recessed into the wall? Go with recessed or semi-recessed. Are you wanting easy installation? Stick with a wall-mounting dispenser instead.

Sanitary Napkin Receptacles

Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser. Image of SANITARY NAPKIN RECEPTACLE.

Sanitary napkin receptacles play an important role in promoting cleanliness and maintaining tidy stalls. Shop Dixie for plastic wall-mounted options that easily and discreetly store away feminine hygiene products for your patrons.

Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bags

Commercial Bath Tissue. Image of SANITARY NAPKIN DISPOSAL BAGS, 250/CASE.

Sanitary napkin bags are designed to line your receptacles to increase cleanliness and convenience. Sanitary napkin disposal bags also provide your staff with a sanitary method for emptying out a receptacle. Made from wax paper to prevent messy leaks, feminine hygiene disposal bags are often designed with an undercut lip for quick and easy disposal of products.