6 Ways Perforated Bubble Wrap is the Cure for Everything

Enjoying the many wonders of bubble wrap has become a lost art. Much like letter writing, calligraphy, or memorizing phone numbers, the cushy, plastic packaging material has become overlooked in this technologically advanced world we live in today. What used to be the best part about receiving an oversized package in the mail has evolved […]

All-Purpose Cleaners: The All-in-One Solution

What’s not to love about all-purpose cleaners? With just one product you have the power to clean multiple surfaces and objects. This is great for saving money and time, as well as for reducing the number of cleaners in your cabinets. At Dixie, we offer a wide selection of all-purpose cleaners that are excellent companions […]

Latex Gloves: A Crash Course on Product Benefits

Disposable latex gloves are useful for many different industries. Whether you’re in food service, hospitality, healthcare, or automotive, the need for a good pair of latex gloves is there. Why? Because disposable latex gloves protect a user’s hands against infections, chemical interactions, and the spread of germs in your establishment. While this is all extremely […]

Party Planning Guide: Free Party Planning Checklist

Party planning is an exciting process. There are themes to sort through, friends and family to wrangle together, and menus to perfect. However, it’s easy to get caught in the moment and perhaps even forget about what actually needs to get done — and by when. Have no fears! Dixie is here to keep you […]

Microfiber: A Cost-Effective Absorbent

Microfiber is a trustworthy option for eliminating dirt and dust from your facility. Microfiber disinfectant supplies are designed to leave your workplace spotless and serve bustles of customers. Explore Dixie’s wide assortment of wet mops, dry mops, and cloths. You’re sure to find a microfiber cloth or two that’s perfect for maintaining your clean facility. […]

Stainless Steel: How to Maintain its Shine

Stainless steel is the latest craze when it comes to commercial kitchens. The durable, easy to-clean material adds sophisticated shine to any household and is sure to garner a few compliments from visitors. But while attractive and efficient, stainless steel isn’t completely maintenance-free. In fact, stainless steel can start to rust if not properly cared […]

Measurement Conversions: An Easy Guide for Cooking

Measurements and conversions can easily trickle down to the back of your mind when you’re operating or working in a hectic kitchen. Oftentimes there’s not enough time to sit down and properly convert cooking measurements for your recipes, and that’s okay. Dixie is here to do the work for you. We’ve pulled out our math […]

Brooms: An Informational and Selection Guide

Dixie believes everyone deserves a good broom. Brooms are a necessary tool for maintaining any office, restaurant, facility, or household, and they come in many different forms to meet your varying needs. A broom that might be useful for sweeping dog hair in a hallway isn’t always as useful for dusting up shattered glass or […]

Give Mom a Clean Kitchen Just Like the Pros!

“Bless this mess” is a phrase commonly found in kitchens throughout the country. At no time is that saying more applicable than after the holidays. Cleaning up after a few weeks of friends, family, and frivolity can be a daunting task. Carlos, the warehouse manager at Dixie Paper Company, decided to give his mom a […]

How a Product Demonstration Can Help You Save Time and Money

When it comes to maintaining your workplace, sometimes it’s difficult to determine which solution can do the best job at an affordable price. Instead of guessing, or putting it off another day, Dixie invites you tell us your problem and let us demonstrate a solution, without obligation, right there in your office or facility where your issue exists. […]