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Liquid Hand Wash Scent Guide

Finding the perfect liquid hand wash is tough work. With so many brands, colors, formulations, and packaging variations to choose from, it’s hard to determine which is the right one to add to your shopping cart. Here at Dixie, we want to make sure your hand-washing experience is a joyous one. Yes, washing your hands […]

Trash Liners: Low- or High-Density Bags

Trash liners are often the red-headed step child of any room you choose to place them in. While they play a critical role in keeping your surroundings looking fresh and clean by removing all bulky trash, they’re under-appreciated and little thought goes into picking the perfect one. Many of us spend so much time searching […]

Party Planning Guide: Free Party Planning Checklist

Party planning is an exciting process. There are themes to sort through, friends and family to wrangle together, and menus to perfect. However, it’s easy to get caught in the moment and perhaps even forget about what actually needs to get done — and by when. Have no fears! Dixie is here to keep you […]

Microfiber: A Cost-Effective Absorbent

Microfiber is a trustworthy option for eliminating dirt and dust from your facility. Microfiber disinfectant supplies are designed to leave your workplace spotless and serve bustles of customers. Explore Dixie’s wide assortment of wet mops, dry mops, and cloths. You’re sure to find a microfiber cloth or two that’s perfect for maintaining your clean facility. […]

Measurement Conversions: An Easy Guide for Cooking

Measurements and conversions can easily trickle down to the back of your mind when you’re operating or working in a hectic kitchen. Oftentimes there’s not enough time to sit down and properly convert cooking measurements for your recipes, and that’s okay. Dixie is here to do the work for you. We’ve pulled out our math […]