Toilet Tissue: How to Pick the Perfect Roll

Toilet tissue is a key player in any restroom. There are few things worse than reaching for a square of toilet tissue only to find nothing but the grainy cardboard core. When shopping for the right roll, it’s also important to make sure the style you’re leaning toward is high-quality. Thin sheets often mean more sheets per use, which leads to product waste and changing out tissue more frequently. All of this adds up to wasted money — something most business and homeowners try to avoid at all costs. Lucky for you, Dixie is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions that can help when the time comes for you to decide between a 2-ply or bright white roll.

Standard Roll


  • Known as a small roll
  • Can be used in all types of facilities
  • Sold in 2-ply
  • Usually individually wrapped
  • Sold in multiple case sizes: 12, 36, 48, or 96 rolls per case
  • Sold with varying sheet count: 500, 800, and 2,000 sheets per roll

Jumbo Roll

Toilet Tissue. JUMBO ROLL TISSUE, 1000' PER ROLL, 9", 2 PLY, 12ROLLS/CASE, (19920)

  • Best utilized in high-capacity washrooms
  • Available in 1- or 2-ply
  • Not individually wrapped

When choosing toilet tissue, remember:

1. Review the number of units/rolls that are available in the case. Calculate the cost per unit/roll

  • Fewer units/rolls in a case can place the illusion of a better value if only the price is considered
  • Calculating or comparing the cost per unit/roll will give you a more accurate read on the value being offered

2. Compare and evaluate the number of sheets and size of the sheets to compare the cost

  • Break the cost down by the number of sheets to compare price
  • Verify the size of the sheets (a small sheet can sometimes mean a lower cost)
  • Narrow sheets drive the cost down because there is less paper

3. Analyze the type of paper

  • Quilted/embossed paper adds higher absorbency and a softer feel but comes at an additional cost versus “flat” sheets. Why are they more expensive? Because of the additional expense associated with enhanced raw materials and processes required to finish the paper
  • Whiter, brighter sheets are created with more virgin pulp to produce a whiter product
  • 1-ply or 2-ply? Keep in mind that using less material reduces cost

4. Make sure to weigh the individual roll or case to determine the quality of the product

  • Some manufacturers will “cheat” on paper basis weight to keep the price down with a lower-quality product

Why is that toilet tissue cheaper?

Less Paper

  • Standard Roll: either a narrower/shorter sheet, or fewer sheets per roll
  • Jumbo Roll: either a narrower or shorter roll

Lower quality paper

  • Color quality is less bright, more particles, lower percentage virgin fiber, lower basis weight/thinner sheets

Environmental Certifications

  • Sometimes a premium to the price

End-User Contacts

  • For branded items, manufacturers usually offer contracts at a significant discount for high-volume end-users