Trash Liners: Low- or High-Density Bags

Trash liners are often the red-headed step child of any room you choose to place them in. While they play a critical role in keeping your surroundings looking fresh and clean by removing all bulky trash, they’re under-appreciated and little thought goes into picking the perfect one. Many of us spend so much time searching for the right trash can that we forget a high-quality can liner is just as important. Here at Dixie we offer linear low-density bags and high-density bags. Both of these options are excellent for keeping your surfaces free of debris.

Linear Low-Density (LLD) Bags

Trash Liners. Image of 60 GALLON WHITE STEEL-FLEX TRASH LINER, LOW DENSITY, 0.74 MIL, 38" X 58", 100/CASE

  • Designed to handle rough objects under tough transport conditions, linear low-density bags are extremely strong, stretchy, and more tear-resistant, but handle lower load capacities than high-density liners.

What can go inside linear low-density bags?

  • Sticks
  • Yard trimmings
  • Metal with sharp edges
  • Objects with rough corners
  • Plastic eating utensils
  • Glass bottles
  • Food with textured edges (e.g. crab legs, pineapple)

Approximate Thickness Equivalents

Light .30 – .49 Mil
Medium .50 – .60 Mil
Heavy .61 – .74 Mil
Extra Heavy .75 – .80 Mil
Super Tough .81 – 1.0 Mil
Super Heavy 1.1 – 1.2 Mil
XXH 1.3 – 1.9 Mil
XXXH 2.0 – 3.0 Mil


Key Takeaways: Light to heavy thickness liners are ideal for smaller cans. Extra heavy to super heavy thickness liners are best for handling mid-size/large cans, while super heavy to XXXH are for very large cans.

High-Density or Hi-D Bags

Trash Liners. Image of 60 GALLON BLACK TRASH LINER, HIGH DENSITY, 19 MIC, 38" X 57", 150/CASE.

  • Best for storing paper and non-rough objects under moderate transport conditions
  • High-density liners are built with strong fibers designed to handle higher load capacities better than low-density liners, but are less resistant to tears once punctured

What can go inside of high-density bags?

  • Office wastebaskets
  • Dirt, grass, rags
  • Paper, paper plates, cups
  • Cans without sharp edges
  • Food without sharp edges
  • Smooth, heavy objects

Approximate Thickness Equivalents

Refuse 6 Mic
Light 7 – 9 Mic
Medium 10 – 12 Mic
Heavy 13 – 14 Mic
Extra Heavy 15 – 17 Mic
XXH 18 – 24 Mic


Key Takeaways: Light to medium thickness liners are ideal for smaller cans, while heavy thickness liners are suitable for mid-size or large cans. Use extra heavy thickness for your very large cans.


Most Common Cans and Recommended Liner Sizes

55-Gallon Container: Recommended liners are LLD 38 x 58, Hi D 43 x 48

44-Gallon Container: Recommended liners are LLD 40 x 46, Hi D 40 x 48

32-Gallon Container: Recommended liners are LLD 33 x 39, Hi D 33 x 40

8-10 Gallon Container: Recommended Liner is Hi D 24 x 24